PET Bottles
Models of bottles by capacity          

The success of a product is equally generated by its quality and an adequate packing. The selection of the PET bottle models is the result of a deep analysis; the most important elements one must take into consideration are:

1. Choosing the adequate volume for the product in discussion, which results from a deep marketing analysis that considers all the influences of the new product's market launching.

2.  Finding out the optimal shape for the package, which has to be representative for the product and at the same time for the producer.

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3.Utilization of high quality packages characterized by perfect transparency, distinctive luster, absence of mechanical deformation and also a stable chemical composition that protects the product from subsequent infestation.

4. Identification of a thorough supplier, capable of providing the ordered quantities in any period of the year and to preserve the product quality, the provisioning regularity and paced in a smaller perimeter. The reliability of a supplier is given by his technical endowment, headquarters, managerial team, and last, but not least his commercial and financial references.

5. The price of the package and the payment facilities (type of document, falling due and the discount granted according to the bulk purchased).

Our company is continuously looking to improving the above-mentioned factors and, as a proof of this program sustained with considerable efforts, all of the stuff used in production have quality certificates and certificates of use in the food industry. Moreover, all the equipments have sanitary certificates issued by the Ministry of Health and are authorized to produce packages for the food industry.


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